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Ferrino Agile 35 hiking backpack title photo

This is outdoor review written on my own experience, after testing this backpack for a longer time. Ferrino Agile 35 is very light hiking backpack, suitable for summer and winter hiking. It weights only 950g. and when you take out it’s backpack system, it weights even less. Now this is very pleasent information in the category of this hiking backpack.

You can full load this hiking backpack even when it is so light
Backpack Ferrino Agile 35 fully loaded | outdoor review
Back reinforcement of this backpack is really tunned. No low quality stuff. I was really nicely suprised what I took out, when I detached it.
you can take out the back system in Ferrino Agile 35 and it get's even lighter...much much more lighter
Back stabilisation system which you can put out of the backpack | outdoor review

Thanks to it’s possibility to be detached, you can easily clean it up from all the dirt and make it even more light when you don’t put it back.

Details of the backpack Ferrino Agile 35, which you will appreciate

You will appreciate it’s elastic site pockets and the frontal elastic pocket. Ofcourse it has entrance for the hydropack, which leads inside the backpack. Rescue whistle is an must be on this backpack.

It also has elastic pockets on the hip belt.

Backpack Ferrino Agile and it’s side pockets | outdoor review

You will appreciate it shoulder straps which even under weight are not cutting you shoulder, even when you have only shirt on you. People who love to hike light and fast will love it.

I’m sure that lot of you will like the possibility to detach it’s reinforcement of the backpack. In this way you can make it really small in size in you overall lugage when you move for longer distances with a plane.

Ruksak Ferrino Agile 35 bez chrbtového systému
After taking outo the back stabilisation system it gets less weight and is more compact | outdoor review

It’s volume has enough space for the gear which you need for two day hiking trip from summer to autumn seasson.

You can put all this this outdoor gear inside the backpack  | outdoor review

For much deeper outdoor review check out this vide review of the Ferrino Agile 35 hiking backpack.

Video review of the Ferrino Agile 35 hiking backpack

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